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Computerome provides a virtual desktop solution based on Cendio ThinLinc

For security reasons, you must use the customised ThinLinc Client provided below - current version is 4.9.0dtu-5775 (uploaded 2018.09.24). 
Regular ThinLinc clients will not work in our environment.

ThincLinc Clients for Computerome

Several users experience that Gnome UI/UX runs very slow in Thinlinc. It is recommended to use other alternatives, such as Mate.

Loading anaconda module in your login environment will conflict with ThinLinc login - please ensure that your do not do this, if you plan to use ThinLink.

All ThinLinc Clients for Computerome as a single ZIP file

The ThinLinc Client Bundle contains all of the above, plus additional clients for thin clients such as Fujitsu Futro, Wyse, HP, Thinstation and IGEL.

Software installed on Computerome is managed through Environment Modules, invoked by the 'modules' commands.

If you get the message "no password configured for VNC Auth", you need to select the following in the ThinLinc Client startup:
[ v ] End existing session