For performance and stability reasons, we recommend using qsub and xqsub commands for submitting batch jobs. 
Moreover, when submitting multiple jobs, add a sleep delay between jobs or use job arrays for submitting identical jobs.

Be aware the there is a maximum size limit of 64KB for scripts submitted to the queue system. Scripts submitted to the queuing system should mainly consist of parameters for the queuing system and executions of the "real" job.

Batch system

The batch job queuing system on Computerome is based on TORQUE Resource Manager (generally qsub and q... type commands) and Moab Workload Manager (generally msub and m... type commands).Additionally, we have xqsub and xmsub, perl wrapper scripts to qsub and msub respectively, which build a job submission script for you.Extensive documentation is available here:

Batch queues

Moab Viewpoint

Submitting batch jobs

Monitoring batch jobs

Job control

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