Computerome 2.0 requires two-factor authentication for access:

In Computerome 2.0, no other software token is available for second factor authentication, than Entrust Identity app.   

Setting up the Entrust Identity soft token

On your mobile phone:

1. Open Google Play or Apple App Store, and install the Entrust Identity app.

On your computer:

2. Open a web browser and go to:

3. Click on the “Let me use an OTP to log in” link in the bottom line.


It takes app. 10 minutes for the script to enable OTP after user activation. In case you get the below error message 10 minutes after you received the welcome mail, contact

4. Type your personal Computerome 2.0 user name (sent to you in mail) into the User Name field. Press OK.


5. Click OK to the OTP (one-time password). This will send a code to your mobile phone in SMS.


6. Type the code received in SMS into the field. Press OK.


7. Press Yes in the next panel, as you already installed Entrust Identity application on your mobile phone in the very first step.


8. Select option 3 in the next panel saying, “I want to activate a soft token identity on a mobile device that may not be connected to the internet”. Press Next. The QR code will pop up in the browser.

On your mobile phone:

9. Open the Entrust Identity app on your mobile phone.

10. In the top left corner open the menu and select Scan QR Code menu item. This will activate the camera on your phone.

11. Use the camera to scan the QR code displayed in the web browser on your computer. When the mobile app reads to QR code, a field for the password pops up.

12. Enter the code in red letters displayed below the QR code in the web browser on your computer. Press OK.

13. The Activation Summery shows up in your app. Press Activate in the upper right corner.

14. Create the four digit PIN for accessing the Entrust Identity app on your mobile in the future.

15. You have successfully activated the soft token on your mobile phone.

16. The generated security code for the second factor authentication is shown in the mobile app.

On your computer:

17. Press Next in the browser. The below message is expected to be displayed in the browser.

18. Press Next, then Done in the browser. The soft token has been successfully activated. You may close the browser.